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The Broken Brick And Mortar Real Estate Brokerage

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The Broken Brick And Mortar Real Estate Brokerage

February 17
02:56 2021
The Broken Brick And Mortar Real Estate Brokerage

We are into 2021, thankfully, and making our first moves towards recovering from the stream of shockers that the previous year inflicted on all of us. It was not easy negotiating through the latter half of 2020 when the world went through situations and events that we never imagined would happen in a modern, technology-driven era. 

In 2021, we are slowly trying to come to terms with the ‘new normal’ a term that has wide connotations and is being applied to nearly every adjustment we have to make to deal with the dramatically changed circumstances in our professional and personal lives.

At Sync Brokerage we are more ready than most other organizations operating in the same niche to deal with challenges brought about by the new normal. That we are a technology-driven brokerage firm has helped us prepare better for the present, foreseeable, and unexpected challenges that could define 2021.

Sync Brokerage was founded in 2017 with the objective of creating a hybrid business model. We take pride in the fact that our sustainable business model is designed for a long-term performance unlike some bigger brand names of the industry.

Sync Brokerage’s hybrid model is just what businesses need in today’s volatile and unpredictable business environment. We have made our business recession-proof and ready to absorb the shocks and jolts delivered by completely unexpected and unanticipated circumstances. 

We value the immense contribution of our agents to our business and make sure that they get their deserving returns. We provide them access to our full package without the burden of hefty fees that they have to shell out to bigger traditional brokerages. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has been unprecedented. There is practically no industry that has not borne its huge and sustained impact. 

How Sync Brokerage cushioned the impact of the virus? Our CEO and founder, Andres Hoyos, is a great visionary and an advocate of technology. He has been speaking about the need to be technologically empowered and has gradually fortified Sync Brokerage with the best available tools and technologies available for our industry. We are technology-ready – something that’s fundamental for the survival of any business in the changed and still-changing new world. 

The pandemic has forced organizations to reorganize their business model and cut costs at all possible levels. This involves the cancelation of office leases, reducing their workforce, and outsourcing. Remote working is the norm for all types of business. 

The industry must implement technology into its key processes to survive. This is something that Andres Hoyos has been advocating for years.

With a large percentage of realtors preferring to continue working from home offices, it is obvious that they will have to use industry-leading technology to deliver quality output and ensure all-round efficiency. 

The big lesson to learn from this – Big Is Not Always Better! 

Sync Brokerage is a small boutique but technologically-ready to compete with big brokerages.

Sync’s technology platform is unparalleled, completed, and practical. We have carefully cultivated a non-corporate culture and committed to promoting a radiant and positive environment, empowering each agent to operate to his/her full potential. 

Sync Brokerage is the definition of the new era of the Real Estate industry. We are ready for the new-normal in whichever form it needs to be accepted in 2021.

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