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Cultural jewelry testifies to the Oriental Romance Inherited From China, C.Comeliness Jewelry launched the “Pavilion” series on Chinese Valentine’s Day

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Cultural jewelry testifies to the Oriental Romance Inherited From China, C.Comeliness Jewelry launched the “Pavilion” series on Chinese Valentine’s Day

July 29
00:16 2022

Infusing Oriental Soul Into the Exquisite Jewelry With Enormous Craftsman Spirit

C. Comeliness Jewelry, as a local jewelry brand rooted in China, unlike other brands, has been adhering to the philosophy of being a professional jewelry brand to be filled with Chinese sentiment for more than 20 years, conveying its brand emotion and brand culture to the majority of consumer groups with the unique subtlety and romance(charm) of the Orient.

In Han Dynasty wedding ceremonies, both husband and wife cut a string of hair and tied it into a knot, which was treasured in a jewelry box, meaning “to tie the knot as a covenant, to tie their lives together.” Such a beautiful concept was applied to the design elements of the jewelry pieces by C.Comeliness jewelry designers, and the “Knot-Lock” series of jewelry was created as the love lock represents best wishes. Thousands of ancient locks contain Chinese art elements, which are renewed in C.Comeliness works.

A skillful craftsman must heat the enamel hundreds of times to get the perfect art piece. “If the flowers are arranged dexterously, even the vase can bloom lustrously.” Relevant studies show that during the Ming Dynasty, frequent overseas trade and exchange with foreign cultures promoted the development of Chinese enamel art to a certain extent, and the golden and colorful construction of cloisonné enamel came up to a peak with a wide variety of creative works. In today’s world of constant change and fast pace, C.Comeliness’s “Knot·Lock” series is not only “ingenious” in production, but it also awakens the strong belief in love deep inside the hearts of the orient with the “lock to contain deep feelings.” awakening the strong belief in love deep inside the hearts of the orient. “In the old days, the lock was beautiful, the key was exquisite, and once the lock was locked, people felt and understood it.” A phrase that seems to take you through millenniums, and the character in the historical stories looks at you across time and space, expressing the adoration and waiting of “I wish your heart is mine, and I will not fail to love you.”

Oriental Romance Inherited From China Chic “IP” And “Intangible Cultural Heritage”

With the young generation of “post-80s and post-90s” gradually taking control of the consuming independence, the enormous new consumer groups in the aesthetic concept, the preference of the consumption concept to lead the development of the jewelry industry trends. In terms of category, the young group pays more attention to personalized fashion designs; therefore, the categories, as well as the purchasing methods, tend to be more diversified.

The “Dancing Lion” series, launched by C.Comeliness, is based on the classical Chinese lion dance, which is the blueprint for the creation. The lion is exquisitely crafted, vibrant, and full of energy. The lion’s eyes are made of translucent enamel, which makes it even more captivating; not only that, its four little legs and head are free to move around, full of vitality and vigor when shaking and moving. Therefore, the vitality and vividness convey good fortune to consumers.

It is like adjusting a beam of mercurial sunshine when making plique-a-jour. If the geological changes over hundreds of millions of years contribute to the rarity of top-notch gems of fine jewelry, the most exciting part of enamel jewelry lies in the accumulated ultrahigh skills, the long history, and the enduring vitality of the enamel art. Besides, it is this craftsmanship that opens the scroll painting of prosperous “Chinese Aesthetic Jewelry.” C.Comeliness also interprets the poetic imagery and beauty of national customs and ancient poems through pieces of excellent works, presenting the romance that belongs only to Oriental people in the world.

Initiation of “Trans-dimensional Dialogues” Between Chinese And Western Jewelry Art

As a jewelry customization company, C.Comeliness has been faced with a disintegrated situation since its birth, with both internal impacts from Chow Tai Fook, a well-known brand from Hong Kong, and external impacts from Europe, the origin of customized luxury goods in the world. It is this development status quo that makes C.Comeliness full of oriental mystery have its place, and the profound oriental culture is destined to make C.Comeliness a rising star.

This Chinese Valentine’s Day, C.Comeliness launches oriental love works of diamond rings, the “Pavilion” series. This is the first diamond ring series from the East, so it integrates a strong oriental aesthetic thinking. Its jewelry shape is inspired by the hexagonal pavilion in ancient China, and the culet can be inlaid with a customized birthstone. The ring setting adopts the shape of ancient cornices and warps, and the wire drawing process is used to present a layered look, making the ring gorgeous and light. The ring arms adopt bead edge design, adding elegance, delicacy, and generosity to the ring.

C.Comeliness Jewelry brand marketing director Ma Boxiang introduces the “Pavilion” series. The shape of a pavilion means protection. For young people to present the Oriental culture of ‘home’ symbolic meaning. Only when you meet the right person after years of pursuit can you know the meaning of commitment. A pavilion is a place of peace and settlement. This series has good implications for more couples who are about to walk down the aisle. “The boundless scenery of rivers and mountains can be viewed from a single pavilion,” which relates to the meaning of the Chinese saying: “the world may have fathomless treasures, but only one love is needed in this life.” C.Comeliness has become a pledge of love bearing the unique feelings of Chinese people. Instead of indulging in self-admiration, C.Comeliness seeks to go abroad to present China, full of different colors, to the world.

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Contact Person: Lexi Han
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Address:Room 1709, Building 1, Hongxin International
City: Xi’an
State: Shaanxi
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