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Lise-Bey Introduces 2020 Album “Sunrise” and Drops New Singles in 2022

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Lise-Bey Introduces 2020 Album “Sunrise” and Drops New Singles in 2022

July 20
02:53 2022
Lise-Bey is a US singer-songwriter and composer. In 2022, she re-introduces her 2020 album “Sunrise” and drops three new singles. Lise-Bey’s music is available on all digital music platforms.

Lise-Bey, an African American singer-songwriter and composer based in Maryland, USA, introduces her 2020 album, Sunrise, and releases new captivating songs in 2022. Lise-Bey’s new songs are titled ‘Please SAVE the World’, ‘We Thank God’, and ‘Be Full of Life’. Lise-Bey’s album and music are available on major digital music platforms.

Lise-Bey hopes that her music will inspire and encourage people to live a better life and love each other without judgment. She wrote the song ‘Please SAVE the World’. This song will make the listeners think about our world and how beautiful it is. She was inspired by her life experience and her journey across the globe, which became her inspiration to write songs. The song ‘We Thank God’ is about thanking God for everything that he has given us: good health, nice weather in summer and winter, food on the table, and so on. The third song, called ‘Be Full of Life’ is about living happily despite your environment, which means no matter whether you have lots of money.

In 2020, Lise-Bey released a successful debut album titled ‘Sunrise’. The album has twelve songs: ‘Get Up and Rise’, ‘No More War’, ‘Push Up’, ‘Angels’, ‘Sunrise’, ‘Live Your Dream’, ‘Our Hope’, ‘The Light in You’, ‘Oh I Love You’, ‘Wonderful World’, ‘You and ME Forever’, and ‘Happy New Year’. This album offers dynamic and enriching musical compositions. This album provides captivating lyrics and immerses listeners in easy-listening music. One of the dominant instruments on this album is the bass, which again shines, on the head-nodding groove of “Sunrise”. Most songs feature a different composition of piano, heavy use of bass-driven beats, solid drums, and delicate keyboard riffs. Featured songs on the album include: ‘Oh I Love You’, ‘You and Me Forever’, ‘Our Hope’, ‘The Light in You’, ‘Get Up and Rise’, and ‘No More War’.

About Lise-Bey

Lise-Bey is a multi-genre sensation. She captivates listeners with her songs. In addition, she describes her music as “Peace & Love music and World Peace music.” Her debut album, ‘Sunrise’, was released in 2020. It offers outstanding musical composition with catchy lyrics. Lise-Bey writes music in various genres, including reggae, hip-hop, pop, R & B, and others. Her new songs ‘Please SAVE the World’, ‘We Thank God’ and ‘Be Full of Life’ will be available soon across digital music streaming providers. For more information, please visit Lise-Bey’s Spotify profile at https://open.spotify.com/album/6YuIlGaCO6F1s2YupgvIwJ?si=uCQHl4HyTp2NaK3cvwDxUQ.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuWg14j55pNgM-6tNjWgHsA/featured

Media Contact
Company Name: Lise-Bey
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Phone: 2407053483
Country: United States
Website: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuWg14j55pNgM-6tNjWgHsA/featured

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