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Nekodanshi Introducing an exclusive Cosplay agency that connects enthusiasts with business

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Nekodanshi Introducing an exclusive Cosplay agency that connects enthusiasts with business

July 15
08:21 2022
Nekodanshi Introducing an exclusive Cosplay agency that connects enthusiasts with business

Founded by the famous German Cosplayer SnowDragon, aka Max Wellner Nekodanshi is an exclusive agency specifically for Cosplay enthusiasts where they can connect with businesses and brands globally.

Some of the best professional cosplayers globally are also affiliated with the agency, which makes it all the more appealing to the public. The founder of the agency, Max Wellner, is a professional cosplayer himself.

Initially starting as an entrepreneur for all things technology and programming, he took his passion and monetized it, so now he has developed a platform where fellow enthusiasts of cosplay can come together and learn from each other while pouring in a surplus of opportunities for prospects.

Joining this agency comes with its perks, including a massive contact database and a vast network of cosplayers worldwide looking to find similar solutions through the agency.

Even though Nekodanshi is based in Germany, the network of top-notch brands and businesses affiliated with the platform is international. The aim behind the creation of this Cosplay agency is to help customers make professional connections and expand their network as professional cosplayers.

There are thousands of cosplayers on this platform where everyone can connect and share interests and ideas. For businesses and brands looking for specific cosplayers to cast in a role, this is the place to look for potential candidates.

From providing resources to managing the bookings for all cosplayers on the platform, Nekodanshi is a revolutionary beginning for cosplayers worldwide.

“I bet being a fan of cosplay is more correlated with higher wages than being a fan of football.” (Adam Ozimek, economist)

While some people are opposed to dressing up in costumes, referring to it as a sign that has negative connotations on the direction that society is headed towards, others have more pleasant things to say about it. Some argue that the rise in Cosplay and Cosplay enthusiasts is a sign of an unstoppable changing world.

First started during the 1970s, the art of cosplay did not pick up the pace until the late 1990s, when the event started internationally and not only restricted to Japan, where the notion first started.

Now the whole world knows about cosplay and what Cosplay conventions are. The innovative elements of costumes in these conventions also offer credit to the new wave of futuristic technology that is taking over the world. Be it in movies or games, there’s much talk about a digital world, leading to the development of even more sci-fi-related trends in films and other mainstream media.

Many professional cosplayers have the same complaint about the art of cosplaying- that the time and effort spent on perfecting their costumes don’t get enough recognition. This is partly to be blamed on the belief system that dressing up in costumes was not and is still not, in many places, considered a legitimate career that is sustainable in the long run.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Ever since the world brought the art of cosplay into mainstream media, it is becoming an increasingly attractive trend for many youngsters to try and Cosplay their favorite characters from games, movies, and even tv shows.

Not only does nekodanshi manage customers’ bookings and networking campaigns, but it also offers support and resources to potential cosplayers so that they can take their art form to another level.

The term “Nekodanshi” is taken from the Japanese language, which refers to a time that roughly translates to “catboy.” There’s not much left to the inspiration of the agency’s name, but it prides itself on the idea of being one of the first agencies in the region to offer the services they provide.

This Cosplay agency works like any other media agency that helps connect the artists to brands and companies that can collaborate for more significant benefits and profits, not to mention the career take-off.

Nekondashi is not just a place that offers an exchange platform for Cosplay enthusiasts but also an agency that provides all its clients the resources needed to grow in their careers as professional cosplayers.  This agency is blessed with abundant experience and knowledge about cosplay, so cosplayers looking to dive into their next big project should try out this agency.

“Many conventions offer the opportunity for particular fandoms to get together in large groups to share their passion for and experiences of creating their costumes, giving a sense of community.” (Kathryn Furmston, Nottingham Trent University)

When looking from the perspective of the cosplayers, they too need the help finding the opportunities that help them find their place in the Cosplay world as professionals. This is where Nekodanshi steps in as the savior by showing them the right directions to take to reach their goals.

The Nekodanshi agency is like a one-stop-shop for everything cosplay. Like any other industry, the Cosplay industry is constantly growing and evolving with time, so it’s only appropriate that consumers of this niche also grow along with the industry to greater heights. This is what Nekodanshi is all about- to help the community grow and, in a way, revolutionize the concept.

There are many opportunities for cosplayers to sign up with companies that need cosplaying roles. The agency works tirelessly to organize workshops and seminars that aid in educating the art of cosplay. With in-depth knowledge of the field and an endless pool of opportunities, it is hard to say no to such a place that offers relatively informative help.

According to the skilled team of professionals at Nekodanshi, there’s always room for improvement. So what happens once an amateur cosplayer joins the community is that their already fired-up passion for cosplay is only enhanced and the skills honed to perfection.

Nekodanshi will book gigs for the cosplayers, such as for photoshoots and collaborations with other cosplayers, and provide the opportunity to start partnerships with brands and companies that require such roles to be filled within the company.

Further, companies that manufacture Cosplay props and costumes are closely associated with Nekodanshi, so there are sponsorship opportunities for cosplayers who promote their products.

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