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Asia Conference on Marine Tourism 2022 Held in Ningbo

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Asia Conference on Marine Tourism 2022 Held in Ningbo

July 15
04:41 2022

The Asia Conference on Marine Tourism 2022 was held in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China, on July 13, 2022. The Conference is guided by China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, whose Bureau of International Exchange and Cooperation organized the event, along with the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and the Ningbo Municipal People’s Government. Close to 200 attended the conference, including representatives, experts, and scholars from Asian countries’ embassies and consulates in China, the ASEAN-China Centre, the International Maritime Organization, marine research institutions, think tanks, maritime industry associations, maritime colleges, and the culture & tourism departments of 12 Chinese provinces and 8 coastal Chinese cities. Keynote speeches were delivered at the conference, which was followed by round-tables, on-site visits, and the release of the Ningbo Initiative for Asian Marine Tourism Development

(The Asia Conference on Marine Tourism 2022. Photo credits: ACMT)

At Ningbo, there are breathtaking sights to be found everywhere you go. On the evening of July 12, the Coastal Ningbo · Culture & Tourism Promotion of the Asia Conference on Marine Tourism 2022 was held in Ningbo with the theme “Follow the Grand Canal, meet a seaside smile — A Literary Tour of Ningbo”. The “Top Ten Views & Tourist Routes” of Ningbo marine tourism were released for the first time. They encompass a coastal tourism layout of “one belt, two lakes, three bays and hundreds of islands”, as well as the “Four Elements of Sea” marine tourism products.  

(A performance at the Coastal Ningbo · Culture & Tourism Promotion. Photo credits: ACMT)

The “Top Ten Views” are: The Maritime Silk Road Port, Grand Canal Departure, Great Oriental Port, Front Bay Wetland, Ningbo Blue Bay, Mt. Mei Green Island, Lake Resort, Asia Sailing Bay, Shipu Fishing Harbor, Stone Forest on the Sea. The “Top Ten Tourist Routes” consist of the Maritime Silk Road Cultural Tour, World Heritage Cultural Tour, Modern Coastal Metropolis Tour, Shell Mound Wetland Tour, Leisure Sea Fishing Tour, Cruise & Yacht Recreational Tour, Aesthetic Education & Recreation Tour, Sport & Fitness Tour, Fishing Customs Experience Tour, and Islands & Geological Charm Tour.   

Ningbo, located at the magical intersection of the coastline of mainland China and on the 30 degrees north latitude, is a coastal city combining the characteristics of the water towns and harbors. It is the economic center of the southern wing of the Yangtze River Delta, a Nationally Renowned City of History and Culture, and among the first batch of Top Tourist Cities of China. Focusing on the goal of building a Modern Coastal Metropolis and a global ocean center city, Ningbo puts forth effort on tapping into the connotation of marine culture, giving full play to the advantages of marine tourism resources and the cultural talents of The Song Dynasty Culture, and displaying the culture and tourism brand image of “NINGBO Ancient Port Peaceful City”. With the tourism brand of “Follow the Grand Canal, meet a seaside smile — A Literary Tour of Ningbo”, Ningbo builds itself into a cultural highland of the new era and a modern coastal tourism city.

(Celadon Orchestra Cixi performed Peaceful Waves Pleasant City at the Coastal Ningbo · Culture & Tourism Promotion. Photo credits: ACMT)

(Seafood of Ningbo. Photo credits: Pan Miao)

Celadon Orchestra of Cixi performed Peaceful Waves Pleasant City, a musical composition inspired by the history of Ningbo’s Shanglin Lake, the birthplace of Chinese celadon, which became highly regarded around the world thanks to the Maritime Silk Road. The awarding ceremony for the Leisure Diving Training Center also took place.

(Ningbo’s intangible cultural heritage demonstration at the Conference. Photo credits: ACMT)

Two 18-meter scrolls featuring Ningbo’s mountains and rivers in 3D animation were displayed at the event. Picturesque Siming from the Song Dynasty demonstrated the landscape and culture of the Song Dynasty Culture by exquisite scenes like “Siming Mountains”, “Xuedou Mountain of Buddhism”, “Garden of Literature”, “Exploration of Maritime Silk Culture”, and “Taibai Sought Knowledge”. Tour in Coastal City Ningbo presents Ningbo’s unique intangible cultural heritages, including Yue celadon, cannetille embroidery, lacquerware craft, bone-inlay woodcraft, and Xiangshan fish bone art.

Reporter: Xie Shuyi

Ningbo Marine Tourism “Top Ten Views & Tourist Routes”

The Maritime Silk Road Port: Maritime Silk Road Cultural Tour 

(Drum Tower. Photo credits: Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism)

Understand Ningbo’s history and Maritime Silk Road legacy.

Must-see destinations: Qing’an Guildhall, Yongfeng Warehouse, Tianfei Manor, Drum Tower, Former Goryeo Embassy, Tianfeng Tower, Tiantong Temple, and King Ashoka Temple

Grand Canal Departure: World Heritage Cultural Tour

(Tianyige Museum. Photo credits: Xie Shuyi)

Explore Ningbo’s Maritime Silk Road legacy and amazing seaside views.

Must-see destinations: Liangzhu Cultural Park, Tianyige Museum and Moon Lake, Cicheng Ancient Town, Laowaitan, Sanjiangkou, Ningbobang Museum, Zhenhai Zhaobao Mountain, Yuyao Yangming Town, Hemudu Neolithic Site

Great Modern Oriental Port: Modern Coastal Metropolis Tour

(Ningbo Zhoushan Port. Photo credits: Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism)

See the world’s busiest port; understand the culture of East Asia.

Must-see destinations: Ningbo Zhoushan Port, Zhang Renya CPC Constitution Museum, and Wanboyu Resort

Front Bay Wetland and Shell Mound Wetland Tour

(Ningbo Fantawild Oriental Heritage. Photo credits: Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism)

Discover nature and celadon art in Ningbo.

Must-see destinations: Ningbo Fantawild Dongfang Yuxiao, Ningbo Fantawild Oriental Heritage, Haitian Yizhou Service Center, Haipi Island Hot Springs, Celadon Cultural Park, Dapeng Mountain Resort, and Fulong Mountain Paragliding Base

Ningbo Blue Bay: Leisure Sea Fishing Tour

(Ningbo Bay. Photo credits: Wang Lu)

Enjoy outdoor activities and Ningbo’s delicacies.

Must-see destinations: Fenghua Huangxian Forest Park, Fenghua Emerald Bay, Yinzhou Xianxiang Ancient Town, Ninghai Qiangjiao Town, and Ninghai’s seafood restaurants

Mt. Mei Green Island: Cruise & Yacht Recreational Tour

(Meishan Bay Beach Park. Photo credits: Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism)

Enjoy water sports and discover Ningbo’s maritime customs.

Must-see destinations: Meishan Bay Resort, China Port Museum, Meishan Bay Beach Park, Yacht Marina.

Lake Resort: Aesthetic Education & Recreation Tour 

Appreciate the breathtaking lakeside views and local delicacies.

Must-see destinations: Boutique resorts, camping grounds, art museums, and villages around Dongqian Lake

Asia Sailing Bay: Sport & Fitness Tour

(The Asian Sailing Center. Photo credits: Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism)

Along the most beautiful coastline on the 30th parallel north, discover Ningbo’s golden beaches and seaside charm.  

Must-see destinations: Songlan Mountain Resort, Dongdan Resort (Dongchen Village), the Asian Sailing Center, and Our Sea Water Park

Shipu Fishing Harbor: Fishing Customs Experience Tour

(Shipu Fishing Harbor. Photo credits: Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism)

Strolling down the ancient fishing village and experience their quaint rural style.

Must-see destinations: Shipu Fishing Harbor, Banbianshan Resort, and local fishing villages.

Stone Forest on the Sea: Islands & Geological Charm Tour

(Hua’ao Stone Forest. Photo credits: Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism)

Admire the spectacular rock formations on the sea; enjoy fresh seafood and relaxing seaside activities.  

Must-see destinations: Sea fishing spots, cycling tracks, camp grounds on Hua’ao Island, Yushan Island, and Nantian Island

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