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The Indian Visa Application Online allows people from 180 eligible countries to apply for long-term medical and tourist e-Visa

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The Indian Visa Application Online allows people from 180 eligible countries to apply for long-term medical and tourist e-Visa

July 13
02:39 2022

The Government of India launched electronic travel authorization for 180 eligible countries in 2014 so that they can easily apply for Indian visas. It allows those citizens to easily apply for an Indian medical e-Visa, tourist e-Visa, and business e-Visa based on their purpose of visit.

Indian Visa Online is a mandatory travel document for international travellers from eligible countries, who want to visit India. It is a replacement for an ordinary paper Visa and can be obtained easily through an online Visa application process.

Tourist Visa for India

India is best known for different tourist destinations like picturesque landscapes, spectacular waterfalls, historical places, monuments, etc. India is ranked 34th out of 140 countries based on travel and tourism. All the people from eligible foreign countries who want to visit India for tourism can apply for India tourist e-Visa via www.india-visa-online.org. To be eligible for the tourist e-Visa the applicant must be a citizen from the 165 eligible countries mentioned on this website. Indian Tourist e-Visa can be used for different purposes like taking part in tourism activities, visiting family and friends, and attending a yoga retreat.

Currently, the Government of India has introduced three types of tourist e-Visas with different validity periods. For short tourism purposes, people can apply for the 30 days tourist e-Visa, which can be used to enter the country two times. The 30 days tourist e-Visa is valid for 30 days from the day of entry. Other tourist e-Visas are of long-term validities for one year and 5 years from the date it is issued. Foreign citizens can use these e-Visas to make multiple visits to India based on their needs.

Business Visa for India

Business Visa for India allows people to visit India for business-related reasons. The purpose of the visit can be attending business meetings like sales or technical meetings, selling or buying goods and services, conducting tours, delivering lectures, etc. It can also be used for taking part in trade or business fairs and exhibitions. The applicants can receive an Indian business e-Visa within 4 days directly to their email. Indian Business e-Visa is a double-entry Visa with which foreign citizens can stay in the country for continuous 180 days. An individual can apply for two business e-Visa in a calendar year. All other details of this business e-Visa and its eligibility criteria are provided at https://www.india-visa-online.org/what-is-the-business-evisa-to-visit-india/.

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