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ZHAOWEI Launches Drum Motor to Upgrade Industrial Equipment

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ZHAOWEI Launches Drum Motor to Upgrade Industrial Equipment

July 12
18:22 2022

The conveyor is a common device in industry manufacture, which is widely used in industrial production, airports, and logistics transport. However, as an important part of the conveyor, most drum motors on the current market are troubled by complicated structure, cumbersome installation, and occupation space. In order to solve the above problems, ZHAOWEI puts forward a drum motor drive solution based on 20 years of efforts committed to micro drive system design, development, and manufacture. It applies the principle of the differential gearbox to rotate the outer tube and then drive the large load conveyor move. ZHAOWEI’s drum motors have 4 models, whose lengths range from 200mm to 500mm, and diameters range from 40mm to 60mm. The operating life under rated load can work at least 3000H, max to 10000H, which enables to work in a common dusty environment.

How does ZHAOWEI Improve Drum Motor Performance?

Integrated Design Saves Space

Today many drum motors on the market are designated for large conveyor while few drum motor is suitable for smaller industrial equipment. In order to fill the market vacancy, ZHAOWEI designs and develops a new drum motor with the advantage of compact size and well sealed. The drum motor integrates with a planetary gearbox, drive motor, control module, power supply, and controller inside the casing, which requires less space and improves installation efficiency. Besides, because all components are fully sealed inside the case, the internal parts are perfectly protected from external environmental conditions, which means the ZHAOWEI’s drum motor can get rid of temperature restrictions that enable it to work at high or low temperatures. Also, the completely sealed design can largely reduce maintenance costs and energy as well as increase its service life.

Planetary Gearbox Improves Working Efficiency

In order to ensure the transmission efficiency of the drum motor, a planetary gear set is enclosed inside the casing. A planetary gear set is a commonly used reducer, which consists of planet gear, sun gear, and outer ring gear. The sun gear is usually placed in the center, and the planet gears orbit around the sun gear, receiving torque from it. Compared to other gear sets, it had higher torque transmission capacity because the input load can be shared by multiple planetary gears. Also, the transmission efficiency can be improved by increasing gear stages. ZHAOWEI provides 2-stages, 3-stages, and 4-stages planetary gearbox according to customer needs. Besides, the planetary gear set is more durable for the bearing reducing friction by connecting the shaft directly to the gearbox, which allows for better rolling and smooth running, simultaneously enhancing efficiency.

Helical Gears Reduce Noise

Among several parameters, noise is an essential point to take into consideration. In this case, gears inserted in the planetary gearbox are the key factors to impact noise level. For the sake of reducing noise as much as possible, ZHAOWEI adopts helical gears as sun gear and first stage planet gears in the planetary gearbox. Compared to the other choice spur gears, the teeth of helical gear engage in small increments as opposed to entirely engaging, which offers smoother gear operation and causes less noise and vibration. Furthermore, helical gears can handle more load than spur gears for their tooth diagonally positioned, which will increase the surface area of contact and provide superior strength among the same size and equivalent width. Therefore, although the cost of helical gears is a little higher than that of spur gears, most manufacturers will choose helical gears for industrial equipment.

Brushless Motor Prolongs Service Life

As a motor applied in conveyor, service lifetime is another important part when people purchase drum motor. Generally speaking, there are three types of motor that can be used as the drive motor, which are brushed motor, brushless motor, and stepper motor. With the advantage of higher efficiency and less friction, ZHAOWEI adopts brushless motor as the drive motor. The brushless generates power with the permanent magnetic field without the electric brushes. This feature increases torque per watt of power input and reduces operational and mechanical noise, as well as decreases commutator erosion, which finally prolongs service life. Moreover, ZHAOWEI adopts aluminum as a casing to accelerate heat dissipation generated by the motor. In addition, ZHAOWEI provides a customizable service to make your drum motor.

ZHAOWEI Steps Further to the Industrial Equipment Industry

“Committed to progress in the field of micro-drives to create a smarter and better life.” This is the vision and mission of ZHAOWEI. The launch of the drum motor is the first step of ZHAOWEI entering the industrial equipment market. In the future, we will issue more drive system solutions to achieve our vision and mission and to work harder to create values.

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