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Oclean Amazon Prime Day 2022 Deals: Stunning Discounts on Electric Toothbrushes

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Oclean Amazon Prime Day 2022 Deals: Stunning Discounts on Electric Toothbrushes

July 11
20:48 2022

Oclean has announced stunning discounts for electric toothbrushes as part of the upcoming Amazon Prime Day 2022. The offers are available for Oclean X10, Oclean X Pro, Oclean Flow and Oclean Air 2 electric toothbrushes. The lightning deal starts from July 11 and will likely continue beyond Amazon Prime day. However, customers should purchase immediately to avoid stock issues.

Oclean X10 Electric Toothbrush

The Oclean X10 Electric Toothbrush is integrated with color screen, smart timer, 5 modes and intensity alongside Maglev Motor. The product features advanced technology, which provides visualized Emoji brushing report feedback and auto-generated supplementary toothbrushing plans. Other than that, the Dupont brush head with premium bristles and a dedicated tongue cleaner provides a healthy and hygienic experience. The brush provides 5 distinctive brushing modes such as clean, massage, sensitive, white and polish. The patented WhisperClean technology significantly reduces noise with less than 45dB. The dentist-approved 2-minute smart timer and 30 seconds zone switch reminder provides a healthy lifestyle and experience. The smart toothbrush delivers 60 days of battery life upon 3-hour charge. The magnetic wall mount can be used to place the brush on a daily basis and is regarded as a perfect gift for family and friends. As part of Amazon Prime Day. The Oclean X10 Electric Toothbrush will be up for grabs for $79.99 until July 17.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09QM8QD6X

Oclean X Pro Electric Toothbrush

The Oclean X Pro is one of the best electric toothbrushes for tech enthusiasts in 2022. As a brand that always celebrates innovation, the Oclean X Pro is a remarkable innovative electric toothbrush in the market, which aims to overcome plaque build-up and tooth decay caused by uneven brushing. It features LCD touch screen with Dupont brush head, smart timer and 84,000 movements/minute deep cleaning capability. The brush ships with 3 modes paired with 32 intensities. The toothbrush features a 0.96-inch touch screen. The mode, level and timezone can be configured with a few swipes. The teeth-brushing quality can be monitored via a report displayed on the screen. Moreover, the toothbrush is capable of delivering up to 84,000 movements/minute and 220gf.cm torsion with the help of Maglev brushless motor. The product includes an integrated gyroscope, which is capable of detecting motion, angle and pressure. The unit instantly generates the brushing reports such as score, time and blind zone reminder. As part of the Amazon Prime Day, the Oclean X Pro Electric Toothbrush is available at a flash lightning deal of $64.99 on July 11. The offer will expire sharply on the midnight of July 11. The company also announced another deal at $69.99 from July 12 to July 17. Please note that these are time limited offers and could expire any moment.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08KY3WCRJ

Oclean Flow Electric Toothbrush

Oclean has announced that the Flow will be the first electric toothbrush for beginners. Thanks to 180 days of use, the Oclean Flow has been regarded as a travel influencers’ best choice. The Oclean Flow Electric Toothbrush is a powerful 76,000 movements per minute rechargeable sonic brush with 5 modes, Type-C charge and is resistant to IPX7 technology. The unit delivers 180 days of battery life upon 5 hours of charging. The sonic technology vibrates at 76,000 movements per minute and DuPont soft bristles. The brush removes dental plaque and protects tooth enamel for a powerful cleaning experience. The addition of five high performance brushing modes such as morning, night, standard, whitening and gentle is designed to meet all the expectations. The Oclean Flow brush comes with a 2-minute timer, 30-second zone switch reminder, a powerful motor and smart indicator lights. The Oclean Flow Electric Toothbrush will be available for $29.99 from July 11 to July 17.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09BYJFDHF

Oclean Air 2 Electric Toothbrush

Noise is a significant factor when choosing an electric toothbrush. The Oclean Air 2 Ultra Quiet Toothbrush has received celebrated feedback from prestigious media outlets as the quietest toothbrush of 2022. To introduce an electric toothbrush that’s astonishingly quiet, Oclean adopts patented Whisperclean technology to significantly reduce toothbrush noise to less than 45db. Do not hesitate to pick the Air 2 if noise is a major consideration while selecting a suitable model.

This Sonic Electric Toothbrush uses 2,000Hz ultrasonic technology to power its motor, making it run quietly and providing a relaxing experience for brushing teeth both during the day and at night. The brush is capable of delivering 40 days of working time upon fast charging for 2.5 hour. It effectively dissolves in-between tooth food debris and removes stain. The DuPont and Pedex bristle hard to reach areas for complete oral care. According to specific requirements, the brush offers 2 efficient Gentle and Standard brushing modes including 2 Intensity. The standard clean mode vibrates 40000 strokes per minute to disrupt the stains. In addition, the dentist-approved two-minute smart timer and 30s reminder deliver a smart and comfortable lifestyle experience. Thanks to IPX7 technology, it enables users to work with the brush even during heavy rainy season or under shower. The toothbrush can be charged easily with the help of the USB input. The Oclean Air 2 Electric Toothbrush can be added to the shopping cart for $39.99 from July 11 to July 17.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08LNSWCJY

About Oclean

The aim of Oclean is to improve oral health with smart solutions via innovation and technology. The company has introduced quality, smart and stylish oral care products that have been sold to more than 170 countries with 10+ design awards globally.

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