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Mother Nature Needs Help – The Era of the Mother Nature NFT Collection

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Mother Nature Needs Help – The Era of the Mother Nature NFT Collection

July 11
19:29 2022

It is clear that the market for virtual assets is expanding quickly. Nevertheless, analysts caution that despite this expansion, the digital assets sector still has several flaws that need to be fixed. For instance, even though virtual assets have penetrated across the globe, only a small number of companies throughout the world have initiatives to assist environmental conservation and this is disheartening.

In addition to neglecting environmental protection initiatives, most crypto platforms use environmentally harmful technology. One of the most popular digital asset platforms has a carbon footprint of 34.76 megatons of CO2, which is comparable to Denmark’s footprint, according to a study by Cambridge University. The report also finds that the same platform is responsible for 0.4% of the power used worldwide, or 0.36 percent of the electricity generated internationally. By way of comparison, 0.36 percent of the world’s electricity is enough to run all the electric kettles in the UK for 29 years.

But wait, what if I told you that there is a crypto section introduced, that is here to make a difference?

A community-owned, non-custodial, blockchain-based NFT collection called the Mother Nature NFT Collection aims to support sustainable infrastructures.

What is there to Accomplish?

The Solana blockchain-based NFT proceeds, from each initial token sale, will go toward funding programs aimed at protecting the environment and, this is what Mother Nature needs from us – people giving back to nature instead of taking away from it, for once.

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are interchangeable cryptographic assets that signify ownership of physical objects and can be exchanged on online asset exchanges. The Mother Nature NFT Collection is made to make the exchange of NFTs easier while also earning money for environmental and conservation activities, unlike other digital asset platforms.

And guess what? We have all invested in things without knowing in causes before but this time, you will only invest if you think the cause will serve our future in the bigger picture.

The revenue made through the Mother Nature NFT Collection will be used to generate $1 million for a variety of charity organizations and to implement sustainable infrastructure in underserved communities.

In order to provide additional value to the project for the holders, utilities have been aligned for them, and they are collaborating with several eco-friendly businesses. All this while giving you 100% commercial ownership, 1-year subscription to a wildlife/Science magazine, Finder rewards (10 cameras & 5 expedition travels), and Crypto Passive Income.

How Amazing is that?

The Mother Nature NFT Collection uses solar and wind-powered web hosting company HostPapa to reduce the adverse effects of blockchain technology. The collection will also utilizes the Solana network, a blockchain that uses very little energy for each transaction and is carbon-neutral.

The platform will only list NFTs with a natural-world theme. The Mother Nature NFT Collection is a stand-alone ecosystem that draws its inspiration from Mother Nature, Mother Earth, in other words nature. Although it is a separate platform, the Renewable Earth Club community club serves as the foundation of the Mother Nature NFT Collection.

Now you must be wondering how are they even going to do all o that? Well, the Mother Nature NFT collection has a number of characteristics to help it accomplish its goals.

• Partnerships

The Renewable Earth Club wants to work with non-profit groups to accomplish its goal of protecting the environment. The social club will collaborate with respected NGOs that focus on environmental preservation. The Renewable Earth Club’s members will choose which environmental initiatives to support. The members will eventually cast votes for any organizations they think should be part of the network they are creating. After the collection is sold, partners will get the pledged amount.

• Solana Blockchain

The Solana blockchain is the foundation of the Mother Nature NFTs platform. Because Solana Blockchain is carbon neutral, it was chosen for this platform. Solana makes use of a cutting-edge technique known as refrigerant destruction. The Solana network’s carbon footprint is reduced using this method. The Solana blockchain also has a negligible carbon impact and is energy-efficient. The platform uses the energy-dependent proof-of-stake methodology to ensure transaction security. The Mother Nature NFTs series is environmentally beneficial thanks to the utilization of the Solana network. Additionally, the platform’s transactions are reasonably priced thanks to the network’s affordable and negligible gas fees.

• Security

An essential component of an online trading platform is security. The Mother Nature NFT collection makes use of well-built, peer-reviewed security algorithms on the Solana Blockchain to provide its customers with secure transactions and data privacy. The security systems will be frequently reviewed to confirm they still fulfill the necessary security requirements in order to guarantee the effectiveness of the measures. The community’s members will have the option of joining the unique Discord server, where two-factor authentication may be enabled for increased protection.

The Final Verdict:

While there are many people out there investing in different sorts of NFTs, the Mother Nature NFT Collection is one of its kind with a sole purpose attached to itself. Let’s call out and play our part in supporting nature, and giving back for nurturing us all this time.

Lets join hands for the cause of a better tomorrow – Mother Nature NFT Collection.

Media Contact
Company Name: Renewable Earth Club
Contact Person: Schaddy Bass
Email: Send Email
Country: Canada
Website: https://renewable-earth.club

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