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The Government of India provides Tourist e-Visa for foreign citizens to enter India via Cruise Ship

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The Government of India provides Tourist e-Visa for foreign citizens to enter India via Cruise Ship

July 09
03:28 2022

The Government of India launched electronic travel authorization in 2014 for 180 foreign countries. With this e-Visa citizens of all the eligible foreign countries can visit India for different purposes via air and sea. A cruise Ship is one such option to enter India via sea routes.

India Visa Online is a long-term e-Visa for foreign citizens to visit India for tourism, medical treatment or consultation, transit visits, and business purposes. Indian Visa Application Online allows people to apply for different e-Visas based on their purpose of visit. The main Indian e-Visas are tourist e-Visa, medical e-Visa, and medical e-Visa. Each of them offers different validity periods, and a tourist Visa is the one with the longest validity of five years.

Indian Visa for cruise ship visitors

Visiting India via cruise ship is one of the best methods, as an individual can enjoy the beauty of nature. Those people who won’t make their trip entertaining and joyful can use this method of travel. Travellers can be completely free and enjoy the beauty of the sea, and nature. Even though it takes some more time to reach the destination, when compared with airlines, it is the best way for travellers to relax. Currently, there are e-Visa authorized sea ports in Mumbai, Chennai, Cochin, and new Mangalore to enter India via cruise ship.

Tourist Visa for India is the best Visa for foreign citizens to visit India on a cruise ship. Currently, there are three types of Indian tourist e-Visa, which are differentiated based on their validity. The first one is the short-term tourist e-visa with 30 days validity. Other e-Visas include the one-year and five-year Indian e-Visas.

Travellers on cruise ships that make only one stop or two stops in India can apply for 30 days tourist e-Visa. It allows foreign citizens to stay in the country for 30 days from the date of entry. Such an e-Visa offers a double-entry facility so that an individual can enter India two times within the period of Visa validity. Those travellers who are travelling on a cruise, that are going to make more than two stops, can apply for a one-year tourist Visa. This e-Visa offers one-year validity from the date it is issued. It is a long-term Visa with a multiple entry facility, which is beneficiary for those people, who wants to visit India frequently.

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