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Netac Shadow Ⅱ DDR5 Memory, Created for Gamers

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Netac Shadow Ⅱ DDR5 Memory, Created for Gamers

July 09
07:09 2022

Following the official release of Shadow II DDR5 Memory in June, Netac has grabbed the attention of the PC building community again with the slogan – “BLAZING FAST PERFORMANCE” and a detailed interpretation of its outstanding features. As the newest member of the Shadow Series, Shadow II DDR5 boasts great performance in frequency and heat dissipation system, the shared feature of the Shadow Series, but it will refresh gamers’ gaming experience thanks to the upgrades in all aspects. What’s more, gamers will get great value for money, as it’s a cost-effective option different from most products in the market.

Where does the BLAZING FAST PERFORMANCE come from?

First of all, Shadow II DDR5 upgrades each module into two independent 32-bit sub-channels; with 32 banks in 8 bank groups, and the Burst Length is increased to 16, both twice as many as DDR4, enabling synchronized data transfer and further reducing waiting time.

The 4800/5600/6200MHz high-frequency capabilities and 8/16/32GB*2 large capacity that ensures faster loading time and less latency time, can easily satisfy demanding gamers in any large game. Meanwhile, the DRAM chips from major brands and the latest Intel XMP 3.0 technology will offer stable operation performance and an excellent overclocking experience.

In terms of power management, Shadow II DDR5 is equipped with PMIC independent power management chips, which contributes to accurate data transmission, improved energy efficiency as well as higher compatibility.

When it comes to data security and reliability, Shadow II DDR5 has two features. The built-in On-die ECC troubleshooting tools can automatically detect and correct memory errors for improved data reliability in long-term operation, thus providing more security to end-users. The customized 8-layer PCB board and gold finger plating process, with good oxidation resistance and anti-interference ability, improve the stability of signal transmission.

For DDR5, a higher frequency is associated with a higher demand for heat dissipation. Shadow II DDR5 would never let gamers down in this regard. Its radiator is made of aluminum alloy with a hollowed-out top design to achieve rapid heat dissipation and ensure long and cool memory operation. The metal heat sink is designed in black and white, with symmetrical minimalist lines and a diamond-shaped frame with a horse’s head, just like Pegasus, reflecting a cutting-edge design appearance.

As a well-known storage manufacturer with strong technical strength, Netac has found a large group of gaming fans thanks to the excellent performance of its products. Keep an eye on its official website https://www.netac.com/ for the latest updates.

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