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Jump Into DOUFIT Trampolines, Subscribe & Free To Get Gift

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Jump Into DOUFIT Trampolines, Subscribe & Free To Get Gift

July 08
02:41 2022

Happy 3rd Anniversary! DOUFIT launched new trampolines for kids and adults in July. With safety and health as top priorities, the product has unique considerations for each configuration.


100 Exercise Hoops for adults, FREE to subscribers.

The gifts are available on a first-come-first-served basis, while supplies last.

Make sure you meet all requirements to join the campaign. Contact us via Facebook Messager with your subscribe screenshots. We will respond as soon as possible.



Shop in Amazon Doufit Store:

12FT Doufit Trampoline: https://www.amazon.com/dp/product/B0B3JQN24T

5FT Doufit Trampoline: https://www.amazon.com/dp/product/B0B463QYFJ


Jumping exercises can help you develop your bone density, balance, coordination, and motor skills. It targets multiple areas of your muscles and has a positive impact on bone and heart health, especially the growth of children.

DOUFIT Outdoor Trampoline is a thoughtful option for your family’s health and fun. It offers a large size for your family’s recreational interaction and exercise.


DOUFIT trampolines are ASTM, CPC and CE certified. All components are designed for the safety of your family. The steel frame is reinforced. It has a large capacity and can withstand 450Lbs of user weight. It can be used by up to 6 children at the same time.

The spring pad surface is made of PVC material. It is durable in sun and rain. The thickness is up to 20 millimeters! Don’t worry about the injury by springs when children step on it.

The enclosure can effectively prevent falls from the trampoline.

To improve the jumping experience, it is equipped with heavy-duty drum springs and thickened PP jumping pads. It can improve both its bouncing performance and service life.


To improve the stability, DOUFIT specially lengthens net poles to reach the ground and attaches wind stakes. If wind day, don’t forget to disassemble the enclosure net and upper net poles.


DOUFIT Trampoline comes with a clear instruction manual and the assembly videos that you can scan the QR cord in the instruction manual to find on YouTube. 

Mini Trampoline For Adults


Mini Trampoline: https://www.amazon.com/dp/product/B0B4RY6XHT

Protect your joints

A trampoline is a great tool for doing some high-energy workouts. It has a soft mat and is attached to its frame by springs or elastic cords. It takes pressure off your joints and allows the trampoline to absorb your weight when you hit the ground.

Great efficient cardio workout

Find that running or swimming isn’t for you? Try trampoline exercises, it must be a good choice for you. Studies have shown that trampoline exercise is much more effective in reducing fat and increasing maximal oxygen consumption compared to running.

By jumping on a trampoline for 10 minutes, you can burn the same number of calories and build the same amount of cardiovascular endurance as you would in a 20-minute swim or a 60-minute run.

Lose your weight

Trampoline workouts are not only good for our bones and joints, but they’re also a great tool for losing your weight. It is a great cardio machine that can help you burn a lot of calories while having fun. Compared with running, trampolines are relatively active and are an excellent exercise for burning calories.

Improves balance and boosts metabolism

The combination of trampoline exercise for your workout includes improved balance, mobility. A perfect workout for all ages, trampoline exercise promotes the circulation of blood, lymphatic fluid and various bodily fluids throughout the body, resulting in the prevention and reduction of disease.

Reduce Stress

Feeling stressed out? Jump up and down! Jumping on a trampoline has also been found to help lower blood pressure. Stress can come from family, work, personal, then jumping up and burning calories can be relaxing and enjoyable for our mind and body and reduce mental stress.


DOUFIT established in 2019, specializes in providing the BEST fitness equipment for your family. It meets the orientation needs of indoor and outdoor sports, including Trampoline, Exercise Bikes, Step Machines, Elliptical Trainers, Rowers, Treadmills, and climbers. SAFE and FUN are kept at the forefront of our minds. Light exercise and basic training allow you and your family to keep healthy and have a positive attitude.

We will have many exciting events and promotions to update on social media in the future, so stay tuned and participate.

DOUFIT trampolines are launched in Europe in August. A mysterious giveaways event awaits you!

Quick Links:

Website: https://www.doufit.net

Amazon Doufit: https://amzn.to/3nFbF8I

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/doufit.net

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/doufit_official

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCorBKk34KZgI96OyGSkjFdA

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