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Creative Biolabs’ Comprehensive Solutions for Small-Molecule Antibodies

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Creative Biolabs’ Comprehensive Solutions for Small-Molecule Antibodies

July 07
21:25 2022
Creative Biolabs offers comprehensive small-molecule antibody services and assists every detail from hapten design to antibody production.

New York, USA – July 7, 2022 – Small molecules are common components in medicine, food, drugs, pesticides, narcotics, and research reagents, which can also be found in the human body and the environment.

Playing a critical role in research, diagnostics, theranostics, environmental monitoring, food testing, and drug abuse testing, small-molecule antibodies possess a wide range of applications in various research fields.

Small-molecule antibody solutions at Creative Biolabs include:

• Custom Services for Anti-hapten Antibody

• Small-molecule Hapten Design and Synthesis

• Hybridoma Cell Screening

Custom Services for Anti-hapten Antibody

Anti-hapten antibodies are useful tools in the field of food safety and environmental monitoring, as well as human disease diagnostic and therapeutic applications. These antibodies are vital in drug delivery and for the research of biosensors and diagnostic kits.

Creative Biolabs can develop the most applicable haptens based on an advanced hapten design platform to further maximize the antibody response.

There are two primary methods for facilitating the development of monoclonal or polyclonal antibodies: (1) hybridoma cell screening, which includes everything from immunization, fusion, and screening to subcloning and antibody generation; and (2) phage display technology, which includes everything from immunization, screening, and characterization to antibody generation.

Creative Biolabs can also provide antibody purification and production, antibody engineering, and antibody modification services to ensure high reproducibility, availability, and scalability.

Small-molecule Hapten Design and Synthesis

When used as haptens, small molecules are not immunogenic. Nevertheless, they elicit antibody responses when conjugated with carrier proteins. Thus, hapten design, selection of the optimal carrier protein, and conjugation process all play important roles in the production of anti-hapten antibodies with the requisite specificity.

Designing a suitable hapten is critical for producing a class-specificity or compound-specificity antibody, which falls into the area where Creative Biolabs possesses rich experience and knowledge.

The one-stop compound synthesis services for hapten cover:

• Hapten design and modification

• Synthesis of hapten

• Conjugation of hapten

• Purification and identification of hapten

In addition, the custom hapten small-molecule design and synthesis solution covers a variety of compounds, including but not limited to antibiotics, toxins, pesticides, antiparasitics, hormones, heavy metals, and food additives.

Explore more information about small-molecule antibody services at https://small-molecule-antibody.creative-biolabs.com.

About Creative Biolabs

With experienced scientists and a cutting-edge hapten design platform, Creative Biolabs provides comprehensive small-molecule antibody products and extensive service portfolios at the most competitive price.

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Website: https://small-molecule-antibody.creative-biolabs.com

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