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The 4th of NFT New York #NFTNYC, Mintverse’ stunning appearance attracts attention

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The 4th of NFT New York #NFTNYC, Mintverse’ stunning appearance attracts attention

July 06
13:16 2022

A few days ago, the 4th NFT Industry Annual Conference was in full swing in New York. This year’s NFT.NYC was held from June 20th-23rd, which attracted NFT practitioners and enthusiasts from all over the world. As a rare Chinese UK based start-up team, Mintverse.LTD unveiled the team’s long-prepared NFT project plan for the first time at the conference, which was well received and recognized by the participants.

(Lulu & Sandia, founders of Mintverse, took a group photo at the landmark in the center of the venue)

(Lulu & Sandia, founders of Mintverse, took a group photo in front of the red carpet background of the venue)

The first NFT New York Conference was held in 2018. Since its inception, the conference has always adhered to the original intention of being a voice for the rapidly growing NFT community and invited industry leaders from different fields to give speeches. Each year, there are countless novel blockchain ideas, NFT projects and technologies which are showcased here. Now the NFTNYC has entered its fourth year, at a time of vigorous development and advancement of Web 3.0, it has attracted a tremendous number of top projects in the fields of technology and finance whilst also serving as a gathering for a large number of members of the NFT community around the world.

The conference attracted more than 1,000 speakers to share and communicate, and many industry opinion leaders and professionals were present, including Polygon Studio CEO Ryan Wyatt, Rarible CEO and co-founder Alexei Falin and Web 3 community pioneer Adam Rivera. The projects released by the conference span 16 categories and 24 branches, such as blockchain, digital assets, financial investment, law, film literature and art, music, sports, fashion, art and other fields.

(Mintverse founder Sandia, had a warm conversation with a team member behind the NFT NYC conference, artist & engineer John Pelham Black.)

(Mintverse founder Lulu gave a speech at the VIP Dinner with the engineering manager of Immutable, the organizer)

Proposed by the Mintverse team, it has generated curiosity and love by many participants once released. They said: “Each artist has a message that they want to convey, but each message needs to be supported to realize it. NFTs are the perfect medium through which creators can pursue value exchange.” In addition, the Mintverse team also announced that they produced the only NFT project that can promise to be profit-oriented to ensure that the interests of NFT holders are not compromised. Such guarantees and courage make Mintverse’s NFT project stand out from many projects in the current market, and has attracted the attention of many investors in the industry and abroad.

(A photo of Mintverse founders Lulu & Sandia, at Coinbase speech theater) 

It is worth mentioning that what makes the Mintverse project highly anticipated, is the gameplay of this NFT. The founding team of Mintverse not only includes the first batch of senior players who are engaged in blockchain and Web 3, but also marketing experts who are deeply involved in cross-cultural network marketing. The NFT creation concept of “taking people as the reference value itself” proposed by them is novel, unique and innovative. It introduces the mature and large-scale Internet celebrity economic model into the metaverse in a digital form, to obtain higher value returns. The influencers and celebrities who signed up with Mintverse will not only get a unique digital identity tailored by the team but also the various forms of works they create will be digitized into unique NFT collections and commodities for NFT holders to trade with collections.

The Mintverse’s NFT project is a daring and pioneering project. The move to break the dimensional wall is bound to trigger a new round of innovation in Web 3 technologies and concepts. In the coming months, the Mintverse team will continue to conduct more in-depth exchanges and cooperation with professionals from various industries building a strong conceptual foundation for the creators of tomorrow.

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