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The Government of India issues emergency e-Visa within three days and 5-years tourist Visa within 3 to 5 days

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The Government of India issues emergency e-Visa within three days and 5-years tourist Visa within 3 to 5 days

July 05
14:02 2022

Indian Visa Application made the Visa application process easy and fast such that the applicant will receive an e-Visa within a short time. Emergency e-Visa is provided to those persons, who want to get a Visa even faster.

Indian Visa Application Online allows citizens of foreign countries to apply for Indian medical e-Visa, tourist e-Visa, and business e-Visa. The applicants can choose the type of e-Visa that they need during the application process. www.india-visa-online.org provides all the details of the types of Indian e-Visas available, their validity, etc. An individual who wishes to apply for an Indian e-Visa can visit this website, follow the guides provided, and can complete the application within a few minutes.

5-year Indian Visa

The Indian tourist e-Visa is termed the 5-year Indian Visa, as it has a long-term validity of five years. It is a tourist visa, which can be used by citizens of foreign countries to visit different tourist destinations in India. Apart from tourism, it can also be used to visit friends and family. As this Visa is valid for an extended period of five years, it can be used to make multiple visits to India. Citizens of the USA, UK, Japan, and Canada can use it to stay in India for 180 days continuously. Citizens of other nationalities can only stay in India for 90 days on each visit. The online application process made it easy to get a five-year Visa, thus it will be received within 3 to 5 working days.

Urgent Emergency Indian Visa

Even though Indian Visa Application provides fast Visa approval, it is not enough for urgent requirements. An emergency e-Visa helps people in such a situation to get an e-Visa fast, within three days. It is issued for emergency medical care, family member’s or cherished one’s serious illness, or death (including funeral). Emergency e-Visa can also be used for urgent business requirements and to visit court, which requires an individual’s immediate presence. Necessary proofs should be submitted during the application process for verification. Urgent Indian e-Visa can be used to get into India via air or sea routes based on the applicant’s choice.

It is best to choose the online Visa application method when compared to applying for Visa via the embassy. Indian Visa Application Online provides 24/7 customer support, email recovery service, an easy application process, etc. It provides a lot of benefits like no time limit, fee refund, and so on.

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