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After A Historic Launch In Korea, Dirt Phobia Is Going To Be Available In Other Countries.

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After A Historic Launch In Korea, Dirt Phobia Is Going To Be Available In Other Countries.

July 04
20:31 2022
Since its launch, Dirt Phobia has seen its sales pass KRW 2 billion in its first year of operation, making it one of the biggest successes in the fiercely competitive skincare market.

In today’s fast-moving world, consumers are no longer satisfied with simple moisturizers. Brands that have shown a willingness to go beyond moisturizing and offer something more special have seen success in a market where thousands of new skincare products are flooding the shelves every year. Following this same principle, Dirt Phobia has also emerged as a winner. The company launched with the ambitious strategy of focusing on customers with acne-prone skin. In its first year of operation, it has effectively established itself in the Korean market, as its sales grew past KRW 2 billion.

Until now, Dirt Phobia has only sold its goods in Korea, but starting in the second half of 2022, they will be offered through online shops like Amazon, Shopee, Lazada, and Rakuten in other nations like the United States, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Japan, and Malaysia.

Products from Dirt Phobia are distinctive and different. They can cost up to $50, yet the repurchase rate is considerably over 70%. With the help of its main product, Effectem D Solution Serum, Dirt Phobia has gained popularity among Korean clients who suffer from acne.

A Korean company called Dirt Phobia caters to those with oily, acne-prone, or problematic skin. “Keep your skin healthy while safeguarding it from modern toxins,” reads the tagline for the company.

The company has researched four primary categories of pollutants that impact people’s daily lives and skin conditions in partnership with Korea’s top R&D facility. The business created the Effectem D range, which includes Effectem D Solution Serum, Effectem D Toner, Effectem D Cream, and Effectem D Solution Cleanser, based on its research on the distinctions between acne-prone skin and healthy skin. DirtPhobia’s unique way of making new products is one of the most important parts of its success.

“Dirtphobia is a brand that analyzes the toxins of daily modern life that harm the skin and the range of causes, both innate and hereditary, that create skin disorders. Dirtphobia investigated 140 types of pollutants and 250 types of ingredients. We have agreed with the R&D Center for ingredient investigation and cosmetic R&D, aiming to solve the skin damage caused by the contaminants. Using its studies, Dirtphobia creates skin care products that cleanse the skin while protecting it from pollution.” said the CEO of Dirtphobia.

The clientele of DirtPhobia is also intriguing. Although women make up most of the skincare market’s consumers, men with oily or acne-prone skin also enjoy Dirt Phobia’s appeal. Given that the business has not particularly sought male customers, this is all the more surprising. The exceptional product quality of the business is what fuels its popularity. Before the product went on sale, no one at DirtPhobia could see a male client using a dropper to apply Effectem D Solution Serum to their skin.

Interested people who want to learn more about dirtphobia’s Effectem D Solution Serum can visit their official website at https://www.dirtphobia.com or check their store on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/dirtphobia.

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