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Caeshopping announces its entry into the Peruvian market on June 1, 2022

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Caeshopping announces its entry into the Peruvian market on June 1, 2022

July 01
16:55 2022


According to a study by Euromonitor, Peru’s e-commerce market will grow by 110% in 2025, with e-commerce sales accounting for 22% of total retail sales. In 2020, Peru’s e-commerce sales increased by 87%, the highest growth rate in South America and Latin America, surpassing Brazil’s 61%, Colombia’s 53%, Mexico’s 50%, Chile’s 46% and Argentina’s 39%. Marcos Aramburu, a spokesman for Google’s data research department, said that according to Google’s statistics, 75% of Peruvian consumers currently prefer to shop online and in brick-and-mortar stores.

As a country with the highest economic growth rate in South America, Peru has a population of about 32 million, the local average age is 31, and there are about 24 million Internet users, with a network penetration rate of 75%. In 2022, the Peruvian e-commerce market will be worth about 12 billion US dollars, of which about 72% are Peruvians buying overseas products, and about 28% are foreigners buying Peruvian products.

The above data is undoubtedly a signal that Peru is about to usher in the golden age of e-commerce. In the next five years, tens of thousands of merchants and thousands of brands will enter the Peruvian market, and the competition in the e-commerce market will become increasingly fierce. As a merchant in the fierce market It is necessary to choose a reliable backing to help you provide exposure and increase sales. At the same time, as a buyer, how to quickly select a more cost-effective product among the dazzling tens of thousands of product browsing has become the biggest demand.


Neither the needs of merchants nor the needs of buyers can be met by one person or a few people. This requires a professional big data e-commerce promotion platform like Caeshopping. Caeshopping is invested in R&D and construction by SMART BIG DATA LTD in the UK, mainly to help Some companies have improved their rankings on e-commerce platforms, increased sales and exposure, and allowed more people to see and buy more cost-effective products. Caeshopping has more than 500,000 business partners around the world, and the cumulative business value created by the partners exceeds 2 billion US dollars. Now Caeshopping has launched a membership system with no deposit and no joining fee. In Caeshopping, every user only needs a mobile phone to make money easily. More and more teams and individual user supporters have achieved a more perfect life through Caeshopping.


Since June 1, 2022, it has entered the Peruvian market for the first time and has been deeply loved by the public, and the current number of members has reached 50,000. Our company officially signed on July 1 to announce that Caeshopping officially entered the Peruvian market, and will set up an office in Lima, the capital of Peru. Through Caeshopping’s unique profit mechanism, you can not only buy more cost-effective products but also increase additional income. Caeshopping officially entered Peru this time, which is undoubtedly good news for some high-quality overseas brands and merchants, because with the help of Caeshopping, high-quality brands and products will get more effective exposure, resulting in better sales.

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