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SmashCash Is Making It Possible For Its Users To Privately Send Funds Between Crypto Wallets

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SmashCash Is Making It Possible For Its Users To Privately Send Funds Between Crypto Wallets

November 30
21:36 2021
SmashCash Is Making It Possible For Its Users To Privately Send Funds Between Crypto Wallets
SmashCash is a brand new platform that is supporting private and anonymous transactions on 10 most popular blockchains and 15 major tokens.

Crypto users, especially the new ones, have always struggled with the idea of public and traceable transactions on the blockchain, which deters many of them from using crypto-wallets.

But now, things will change for good, as they can send tokens between two wallets on ten blockchains without leaving any trace behind those transactions. This unique technology has been made possible by SmashCash. 

SmashCash is a new platform that supports Private and Anonymous Transactions on the ten most popular blockchains and 15 major tokens in the market now. This is a dream come true for most people involved in the blockchain industry who trades every day or own cryptocurrency in their wallets. 

For people with a thick wallet, traders, corporations, and generally for anyone who values their privacy will find SmashCash perfect for their needs.

SmashCash is an innovative project, to say the least because they are the First in the World to support private transactions for ten popular tokens. 

Owners of the company believe that SmashCash statistics are fantastic for investors. One of the key spokesperson said, “We have a super low market cap of 100K USD for a Layer 1 Protocol project. Every other project in the same space like Solana, AVAX, ZCash, etc., are more than 100 Million and some into Billions.”

Some of the unique features of SmashCash includes:

Completely anti dump with rewards in native tokens like BNB, Matic, ADA, etc. 

No seed round or VC round. All tokens are sold in the public sale. 

Team tokens are locked for two years with a highly reputed Trust Swap. 

Audited contract by the PinkSale launch pad. 

Doxed team. 

Completely open-source and decentralized. 

Non-custodial platform. 

Real use case and revenue model. 

Ambitious Roadmap with promising new products. 

Good marketing with many influencers talking about the project. 

Good partnerships in the pipeline.

Staking rewards for token holders.

Profit-sharing for the membership holders. 

There is also a utility of tokens in terms of Membership. To achieve membership, users have to hold tokens unlike any other platform in the same space. 

Most importantly, LIVE platform and working products. Not a concept or Demo project. 

When it comes to using SmashCash, their team made it very simple for the users to use the platform. Users can access the product page they are interested in, connect any of the many wallets the SmashCash platform supports, and deposit the token. Once the token is deposited, the user will receive a secret key generated by the SmashCash platform. They can wait for a little bit and withdraw the funds from a different wallet using the secret key. 

Since the platform is decentralized and non-custodial, no one other than the user with the secret key will withdraw funds. To verify the transaction, go to the respective explorer and check for the withdrawal transaction. The link between the first wallet and the second wallet won’t be visible. 

To know more about SmashCash or even to invest in them, you can visit www.SmashCash.io 

About SmashCash

SmashCash is a layer one privacy protocol that supports 10 Blockchains and 15 most popular tokens. Ten of these tokens for the First Time in History. 

They want to establish themselves as a market leader and an innovative company in the privacy vertical which is critical for the cryptocurrency industry to survive. 

For updates, follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/smashcashio.

Media Contact
Company Name: Smash Cash
Contact Person: Kevin Mathew
Email: Send Email
Country: United States
Website: www.SmashCash.io

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